Wrist Gems... Custom Made To Fit Your Style

Volianne Wrist Gems was created by me, Volicia Henderson! I started making my own bracelets with Swarovski crystals and goldfilled beads years ago. I loved the way the crystals shimmered and glistened on my wrists every time I moved or whenever the sunlight hit them. On a recent break I decided to get back into bracelet making and figured why not turn something I like to do and my creativity into a business.
What makes Volianne Wrist Gems stand out from the rest is that I can make any bracelet custom to fit your style and personality by giving the options of color, size and gold or silver to any exsiting bracelet in my shop. No one will have the exact same wrist gem as you. These bracelets are made of Swarovski crystals, gold filled accents and center pieces, real sterling silver and genuine pearls on a doublestretch band for your comfort and durability for beautiful wrist gems that last.